Monday, March 15, 2010

Trixie Delicious

You know what? I'm crazy about the work of New Zealand based Trixie Delicious.
Her Vintage Vandalized reworked china appeals to me on several levels. The pretty, recycled, vintage china becomes a canvas for an abundance of cheeky,twisted messages. Girly sweet plates with contemporary observations, words and phrases.
I've featured her here and there on Lino Forest, and have been patiently waiting for the "perfect" Trixie Delicious creation before I lashed out and bought a piece.
I thought I had come close here,and here, and even here,and would have died and gone to heaven if I could have received these for a Wedding gift (but they weren't on the radar in 1993).But today I found this. And it's mine!Duckie fell off the least he can still fly!
All Trixie Delicious items are one-off hand selected vintage china pieces with text and drawings hand painted in French Porcelain paint and heat fused for use.
According to Karen Dennis, the creator behind Trixie Delicious, "I love to create art for people with a sense of humour. I have had many years experience as an exhibiting artist and designer and have a BFA in sculpture.
I am interested in design, art and craft and my work straddles the boundaries of all three categories.
Taking vintage plates as a canvas for text and portraits, I bring a new twist to an old tradition, and recycle those discarded left-over plates, giving them a modern make-over in the process."You can buy Trixie Delicious on Etsy, Big Cartel , and catch up on the new creations on the Trixie Delicious blog and Facebook page.


  1. I have seen these plates on a couple of blogs and I agree that they are fabulous. I love the 7 deadly sins ones :)

  2. just had a hilarious visit to trixie delicious - thanks for the tipoff!

  3. I so want a set of 7 Deadly Sins plates. Perhaps I could ask Ms L for our 10 year anniversary.

  4. Ten year aniversary gifts are traditionally TIN!!(see last post)
    I'm not far off 20 and it's CHINA!!!!