Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Black Crow

For my first post I would like to introduce you to Little Black Crow, the brain child of Grace Garton, a self confessed "discombobulated arty, crafty gal"!
According to Grace " Little Black Crow's Studio is a strange little place made up of odd little animals and characters."
All Little Black Crow dolls are made to look frayed worn and a little dusty as if they had once been much loved and played with by children long ago. No two dolls are alike!
A little while ago, Grace put the call out for some vintage brown buttons for her doll's eyes on her blog "Little Arty Crafty Crow".
As my studio is overflowing with buttons, I spent a pleasant half an hour sorting out the brown and grey "pants" buttons I never use and then posted them over to Little Black Crow's Studio in Hobart, Tasmania.
It makes me happy to know they are being used on Little Black Crow's whimsical critters, as I have been a huge fan since the first time I saw them.
In her most recent email Grace ends by saying " Off to sew eye's onto my bunnies. I've made over thirty in 2 weeks!!"
That spells dedication and a love of creating, as well as the mad rush to get work made for the up and coming market Handmade Hobart.
If you can't get to Hobart, you can buy Betsy on Etsy! Betsy the Donkey and her friends are available from The Little Black Crow Studios etsy shop.The sailor suit is as cute as you could get!!A gorgeous selection of Grace's dolls can be found on Georgie Love too. Like Fred the Elephant.The best place to see all the amazing creations from The Little Black Crow Studios is on Flickr.
The photo set entitled My miss-adventurous creatures is chockablock with sweetness. All the dolls are photographed in cute miniature dioramas with vintage props and old timey hues.
Check out Grace's art work while you're there . She is also a talented artist with a background in animation.


  1. I LOVE Little Black Crow! These are some of the loveliest toys I have ever come across. Each toy looks like it's lived a hundred years and comes alive when you leave the room :)
    I think Fred the Elephant may have to come home and hang out with my Fred!

  2. I feel pretty honored to be your first featured artist! Thank you Betty Jo!!

    Hi Estelle you can never have enough fred's in the house. Thank you for taking the time and having a look at my work little critters!!

  3. I love Grace's little people, I have one of her kitties sitting on the shelf beside me right now.

  4. they are all sooooooooo cute! i am doing a Techology assignment on one of them and hope thats ok with you!