Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Body Parts

I have just recently felt the first Autumn nip in the air. The perfect time to ready yourself for the chilly winter days and nights to come. So here are some super cosy products to keep your exposed body parts warm.Body Parts is collaboration between Gaye Naismith (Gaye Abandon) and Melanie Hill (Textile Allsorts) The Body Parts range transforms recycled, felted wool jumpers into snug and funky winter accessories.

The original Tubeway Armies arm warmers feature unique ‘two-of-a-kind‘ combinations of stripes and textures with stitch, button, and applique detailing. I'm liking the vintage buckle adornment! They are perfect for those times your hands need warming, but you need free fingers to grip!

The beautiful recycled wool circle scarves are colourful and as warm as toast.

I love the Hottie Jumpers. One-off hot water bottle covers with fold up collar made entirely from upcycled, thickly felted, wool jumpers and finished with repurposed buttons.

Body Parts midriff warmers keep your midsection warm and toasty and boost blood circulation to the whole body. Gaye and Melanie's take on the Haramaki - an item of clothing commonly worn in Japan for health and comfort. Remember: belly warm = body warm.The woolly pocket purses are one-off coin purses with a magnetic clasp closure to holds coins safely(and warmly!) Look at all the gorgeous colours!

Find Body Parts on Etsy , Made it and Indie Art & design store.

If your heading up to Daylesford on Easter Saturday,
Body Parts will be having a stall at the Makers' Market in the Town Hall.

I'll be there (shopping,not selling) wearing my own cosy, colourful Body Parts accesories!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I hope I make some sales so I can do some shopping for a little belly warmer for winter.

  2. I love Body Parts stuff. Such a good use of reusable materials!