Friday, March 26, 2010

Off the Wall

I LOVE vintage wallpaper. I have rolls of the stuff at home! Some I've shared with other crafty people, and for a while I even played around with some jewellery designs incorporating wallpaper. But after finding these designers work, I'll leave the wallpaper crafting to them!I first saw the work of Claire Coles way back when Betty Jo designs was just a baby.
I loved the way she lets the patterns of the wallpaper dictate the feel of the finished pieces. Pretty, and delicate. Or Bold and striking."Stitching vintage wallpapers together of various textures and patterns Claire creates one off intricate accessories."Have a look at her website and online store to see these other beautiful wallpapery products.
Next is Italian designer Francesca who has one of the best business names I have come across..."When in Doubt Draw Flowers".
Using the most desirable original ’60 & ’70s wallpaper, Draw Flowers creates beautiful floral neck pieces, earrings and vintage inspired accessories.Francesca says "Vintage materials, objects of diverse nature (i.e. furniture, lamps, carpets etc.) found on flea markets in the course of years, and gathered and archived are an unlimited source of inspiration. I want to express the old and already made in a new and actual way. The key to it are the colours, that – drawn close to each other in different tonalities – make the design modern."
Have a browse at Etsy or DaWanda or drool at the amazing prints and products on the website.
I just want to say here, how good is the blogging world! As you are getting inspired by a particular designers beautiful work, Bing!, up pops a post that leads you to another cool designer, and then another......
So thanks to Lucy from The Bowerbird, I found Deliah devine, an Adelaide designer who creates delightful brooches adorned with vintage wallpaper.
According to the creator, Linda Marek "I am a collector and constant observer of surface pattern. I have cupboards full of old wallpaper and fabrics. Delilah devine is a happy little label. I hope you feel it."Linda also has a "seemingly endless fascination with scavenging the hard rubbish collection".
A girl after my own heart!Visit Deliah devine's website and blog, and buy her goodies on Etsy and Madeit .

I just discovered that as well as brooches, Linda is making flying ducks !
And you know how I feel about Flying Ducks.


  1. Beautiful. I love old wallpaper too, but can never find any of that elusive stuff!

  2. What a feast.

    I think Claire's work has really got me going. It's fabulous.

    Francesca's work is pretty stunning though too.

    Ok, it's all so good.

  3. All so absolutely stunning... I would never have thought to make such beautiful things out of old wallpaper x