Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great Wall of China

Segueing seamlessly from my last post about Trixie Delicious, I've found three other creative women who transform vintage, recycled china into desirable jewellery and wall art.
There was a time I madly hunted for old china in opshops, something akin to my present lino hunting crusades!
I would smash em' up for mosaics...luckily those days are long gone, along with numerous sliced fingers and too many boxes of broken plates in my shed.
Now I"ll happily leave the china for these creative people ........
First up we have another New Zealander, Lindsay Pemberton of Rekindled.
Lindsay creates delicious jewellery from pre-loved teacups. The sliced rims become bangles, the handles become heart shaped pendants and the bases become brooches. Nothing is wasted.How's that for recycling efficiency !
Lindsay wanted to " find a new use for all the abandoned teacups collecting dust in the Salvation shops? After exploring various concepts around the teacup, I discovered that by slicing the teacup up into rings using a diamond cutter, it could be transformed into an elegant bangle."

Find Rekindled jewellery for sale online at cleverbastards and Biome in Qld.

Next up is the beautiful work by Lightly. Cindy-Lee Davies is the designer behind Melbourne based design house Lightly, and among other beautiful items, they produce these delicate cut butterflies and swallows.All made from recycled china plates and saucers.

Last year I acquired my own Lightly butterfly. This pretty nasturtium saucer butterfly spoke to me at Craft Victoria, and was bought home as an early birthday present for me from myself!
Just a few weeks ago the swallows were on my birthday wish list for this year.
Go here to find other Lightly stockists if these are on your wish list too!

Finally we have another talented Melbourne designer Lucy King, who's products go by the name "Me Old China". All the jewellery and wall art from ‘Me Old China’ is made from second-hand, retro and vintage china plates. Cut and shaped into quirky domestic items and simple circles, "The ranges showcase the beauty of the old plates and patterns, with the opportunity to give a mundane discarded plate a new lease of life by recycling and restyling into new creations".

You can find "Me Old China" on Etsy ,or visit Lucy's lovely blog The Bowerbird.

And just announced, "Me Old China is now available from Moose.


  1. Wow they're all just so gorgeous. I have my eye on one of those beautiful butterflies which will go perfectly with my Betty Jo butterfly!

  2. Hello,
    Thanks so much for including me on your post about wonderful recycled plate treasures! Who knew old plates could look so beautiful!
    Love the new blog too!
    Lucy x

  3. No, not the Kathie Winkle!These are all bloody marvellous. I was looking for these kinds of works a week ago and couldn't find them but did findthese.
    Do you mind if I put some of them on my blog and put a link to you.
    Your lino work is fabulous. I love Rosalie Gascoigne as well. I live in a country area and it is so exciting to see what you creatives in the big smoke are doing. Thank god for the internet! xxNick

  4. I know..I'm mad about Kathie Winkle!
    By all means blog about them and spread the word.
    Thats what the internet is for...bringing the big smokes and the fresh airs together!!!!

  5. stunning+recycled=perfect