Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tea Cups Ahoy!

It's all about Tea Parties at the moment.
There's a Teaparty inspired window installation happening in a few days at Curious Oyster Shoppe ( invitation below). It's a satellite event of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed festival .The 2010 festival theme of ‘childhood’ is intended to inspire people of all ages, especially the young at heart!
If you mention you read about the Timeless Teaparty on Find, Make, Do you will get 10% discount on all Betty Jo Jewellery for sale at Curious Oyster from the 5th-26th August!
An Invitation......
To celebrate the teaparty I have found some teacup coolness for your viewing pleasure.

1. China teacup soycandle by Little Delight 2. Cute tin toy Teacups by Sushi Pot Parts
3. Knitted Teacup coasters by The Knitted Duck
4. Vintage Vandalized Teacups by Trixie Delicious 5. Repurposed China Teacup birdfeeder by Oh the Pollybilities.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Off Road

Most of us are familiar with the iconic Road Sign assemblages by Rosalie Gascoigne . Created from salvaged old and discarded reflective metal street signage, transformed into eyecatching collages and now worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Just think, there's a wealth of designer opportunities laying around in the Vicroads traffic sign graveyard!
At Design Made Trade last week I came across Trent Jansen who was showing and selling his famous Sign Stools (above, via Design Files) and a brand new series of reflective bicycle components designed to make use of the off-cuts created in the production of the stools.
Available in a multitude of colours, these reflective components are called Cycle Signs.(images via here ) He uses a water jet cutting method to fashion circles from old reflective road signs salvaged from scrap metal yards. Great for fancying up your bike while being safe and visible on the road !
Across the world, giant truckloads of red, yellow, and green lenses from old Traffic Lights are tossed into land-fills as cities upgrade to more efficient lighting technology. Designers have reclaimed these glass lenses to produce a stylish range of home decor.
Lamps from recycled Traffic lights from Greenlight Concepts (above), and eco-friendly Bird Feeders from Red, Yellow and Blue Ink (below)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have featured a selection of goodies from Lisa Kearns label Kearnsie on my blogs before, but after seeing her at Craft Victoria's stand at Design Made Trade yesterday, I thought a whole blog post was in order. Lisa's jewellery has been described as eclectic, witty and well crafted. Wearable conversation starters, that evoke a giggle and a memory.
Castlemaine based Lisa is probably most famous for her "Hello" badges.
According to Lisa,"I have worked in many customer service positions and always wished I could tell the irritable customer what I was really thinking! The badges have been edited from that initial process, however “Hello, I’m doing my best” was always in the mix. It actually makes me feel a little sad how popular this product is, I’m sure everyone is doing their best."
These repurposed Eyewear Scarf toggles are of course made from old remodelled sunnies.

They look pretty spiffy holding a scarf or neckerchief in place.Lisa has just started using the left over fancy arms of the sunnies to make earrings.I think I saw the very first few pairs at her stall. Old souveneir teaspoons get a makeover as cufflinks.Anodised Knitting needle bangles.

Sweet and juicy apple earrings and matching necklaces. Made from sterling silver and a painted wooden bead. Available in four colours depending on your favourite apple. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious or the Black "Bad Apple". After umming and ahhing for a short while over apple varieties, I am now the proud owner of the Granny Smith earrings.
To buy some Kearnsie jewellery for yourself, check out these Aussie stockists or go online and find them at Moose and Craft Victoria.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Russian Doll parade.

I was all inspired by Morgan Wills babushkas, and I knew I would find some other lovely babushka makers if I looked hard I did, and I did!

Each one of these sweet hand screen printed babushka brooches by English designer Carolyn Dulko is a bit different. You can buy them here and I do declare they would be the most affordable little goodies on all of etsy. I must admit I only remembered these brooches were in Frankie magazine after reading Carolyn's blog. I run to get issue 35 of Frankie, oh yes sure enough, there is one on page 24.
I was alerted to these hand painted"Adam and Eve" babushka dolls by hole in my pocket, via Pamela at Thatch and Burrow.The set includes Adam, Eve, Cain, Able, Seth, and my favorites, the Snake and the Apple.
They are painted by Allistair J Burt , one half of Scottish duo Hole in my Pocket, who have been working together on a range of projects in the realms of art and architecture since 2002.
I am a big fan of Schmooks (aka Claire Cimbora) fantastic illustrations. These fancy Babushkas capture the signature big eyed innocence of all Schmooks characters.
I met Claire at the Handmade Market in Canberra (her home town) and as well as drooling over her prints, I was very tempted by her wonderful jewellery. I think she's having a giveaway on Facebook right now! Who could not want one of these.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Morgan Wills

Morgan Wills is a Melbourne based designer who is passionate about colour, has a love of recycling and fashions her gorgeous products from pre-loved fabrics, linens and woollen jumpers.Morgan and Betty Jo share shelf space at a lot of lovely stockists around the traps and as you can see, like me, Morgan fancies a bit of Babushka Craft action!
Morgan loves the thrill of a good op shop score and says "My idea of heaven is to have a WHOLE day fossicking around in lots of different op shops". Hallelujah to that!
This goes someway to explain the dwindling number of teatowels and knits in suburban op-shops. It seems that all us crafty chicks of Melbourne are for ever hovering and when some fab tablecloths or big jars of buttons are spied we swoop down and gather them up by the basket load.
Back in her studio Morgan creates warm and cosy rainbowed hued "Cast Offs" scarves, and hats, cute accessories, and my favorites, these colourful one of a kind babushkas made from bright vintage fabrics and jumpers. They are called Mumma Bushkas as they each have a wee little bubba Babushka in their pockets. These Ear Hats are perfect for chilly winter outings (good for heads of all shapes and sizes) and the Bushka Babies rattles have a folley bell inside which makes a soft rattle. They would be the perfect gift for a newborn or little girl.

If you are interested in seeing these goodies in the flesh, you can regularly find Morgan at many a Craft market, or check out a stockist near you.
Morgans blog is called "Things that Make my Heart Sing", and it's full of girly, crafty, vintagey goodness.