Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last year I met Dana Levistone from Twiglet ( a Melbourne designer and mother of two) and immediately fell in love with her Sleepy-Smiley Lion softies. This orange guy came home with me and now sits on my daughters bed. Initially he was taking pride of place in the lounge room, but my Jack Russel Chester became somewhat enamoured with lion, and started smothering him with too much "affection"!

According to Dana "Sleepy-Smiley Lions were dreamed up whilst my koo-koo baby brain waited for the birth of my first child whose sex was unknown. (It was a girl!) Their faces and colours were inspired by our retro home-decor and log cabin style playroom. They made a public appearance in a Melbourne newspaper and soon became a Twiglet product available to peeps of all ages worldwide! They make a lovely cuddle toy or cushion."
Here's Orange Sleepy- Smiley lion appearing in the latest issue of small magazine.
Get your own from etsy or find Twiglet at numerous markets and lovely stockists around town. See Dana's blog Acoustitch for details.
Dana also makes adorable kids clothes and accesories under the Twiglet label. She recycles vintage linen like tea towels, sheets and tableclothes to create the hippest kids wearables in Melbourne. I bumped into Dana at a second hand shop last week and her arms were bulging with retro materials, curtains and tablecloths.I can just imagine the cuteness to emerge from these finds!
Seeing these gorgeous clothes makes me wish my kids were still little enough to wear them.

Twiglet is just another example of the creativity, resourcefulness and innovation that often washes over new mothers when faced with the prospect of being at home with your bubbas and still making an income. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.
The traditional thought that mothers brains go to mush when they are pregnant or kid wrangling is regularly proven wrong when you unearth the creative force of loads of mothers starting craft businesses and shunning the nine to five !
Speaking of crafty Mummas, Megan from "The Byron Life" has kindly given Find,Make,Do a sweet Little Golden Book Journal to GIVEAWAY. There's still time to enter!


  1. these clothes are ace. Great stuff.

    That soft cotton crochet lace around the top of the little girl's dress would be very comfy and cool to wear in summer.

  2. I love the story here - I can definitely relate!

  3. Oh the lions are just fantastic! So lionlike. Proud and strong and protective!

  4. Adorable lion stuffed animals! And that is so neat recycling those linens into clothes. I will have to poke around antique shops here, I'm sure they will have something similar!