Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bill Miller

A few years ago I posted about Pittsburg artist Bill Miller at Lino Forest. There I gave him the award for the most amazing and inspiring use of salvaged vintage lino in the creative field .
So I think it's high time to re-introduce Bill Miller and his breathtakingly beautiful collages. And yes, it's all done with vintage lino!According to the artists profile, "Miller's work has been recognized for rendering narrative moods and a sense of common memory. His unexpected use of patterns taps into the mediums nostalgic familiarity striving to impart a sense of history and story within each piece. Creating an effect that lies somewhere between collage and stained glass, Miller's innovative use of the linoleum's pattern and color is his signature style."
I certainly can't do him justice on this blog. You'll have to visit the website to see the breadth and depth of his work.

Look at the star burst patterned lino in this piece titled"Portrait of a Tree".
And the complex layering of stunning autumn toned lino in "Sweenyburg Farm"I can't even begin to express how taken I am with this snapshot of John and Yoko titled "Paper or Plastic".
How perfect is the lino for John's jim jams! I could look at all the detail for ever.
I noticed there is a contact on the artists website where people can donate lino.I'm sure one person could not source this much by themselves.
Now I think I need a lie down to rest my senses from this visual overload.

But first I'm going to announce the winner of the Little Golden Book Journal donated by Megan from The Byron Life. Congrats to Sue from Divajools. Your journal will soon be on it's way!


  1. hoowee - you go and lie down, Betty Jo! No wonder you gorged on these wonders.

  2. I can't believe how complex these collages are! I think my favourite is the John and Yoko one too - it somehow captures their spirit I think!
    Lucky lucky me to win Megans' lovely journal - I am stoked - thanks so much!

  3. They almost look like wood block prints, with the black backing coming through as outline. Amazing stuff to see, such depth!

  4. Wow! Absolutely amazing stuff.

    You're doing a great job with this new blog Liz. So much great stuff to check out. Good on you.