Friday, April 30, 2010

One flew over.......

I'm starting to feel a like I'm living in a cuckoo's nest this week. There's been a lot of Lino Cuckoo Clock crafting at Betty Jo headquarters of late along with the obligatory juggling of far too many balls!
But right now I have a hankering to check out some alternative designs and materials that have been utilized by fellow cuckoo clock creators.
Andrea Williamson who hails from the Shetland Islands designs and makes colourful knitted accesories and interior pieces.
Andrea finds something appealing about the colourful motifs and little house shape of cuckoo clocks and wanted to combine the softness and texture of a knitted textile with the hard mechanical structure of a traditional cuckoo clock.

This clock is based on the game "Whats the Time Mr. Wolf" with knife, fork and wolf pendulums.
Andrea says " I like it when objects can reflect a story or have the potential to become part of a new one."
Check out her website for other gorgeous knitted wearables and homewares.

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa ,in a collaboration between Japanese department store Isetan developed a cuckoo clock using timber removed from over-planted forests.
The living exhibition consisted of 50 customized interpretations of the clock, by 50 artists and designers from Japan. 5% of all sales were donated to forest preservation.

The show was part of the designtide program at Tokyo design week 2009.

I can really see something like this happening here. If any department stores are reading and would like to sponser a similar project, just give me a call!
Love this image from Lorbus. A nice twist on the cuckoo idea!

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  1. Wow! I met Andrea in London and bought one of her pieces, her work is amazing! x