Friday, April 23, 2010


MüCKE is a local clothing and accessories label established in 2006 by Ellie Mücke.
What makes MüCKE designs so appealing is that all the clothing and adornments are made from recycled garments such as men's shirts ,trousers, jumpers and t-shirts.
These pre-loved clothes are rescued and transformed into new, innovative and edgy garments. Ellie often has to tell her customers that her materials once had another life. “It is actually what I strive for - I want them to buy it for design, not just because it is recycled.”

Ellie's strong focus on sustainability and the maintaining of ethical production methods represents her holistic approach to the fashion business .
MüCKE's mission is simple "Inspire creativity and positive action in people, have a beneficial ecological impact and keep the integrity of design by engaging holistically in the process."

A while ago , while clearing out our wardrobes for a garage sale, I invited Ellie to come round and get first dibs on the huge pile of my partners shirts. It was cool to spot them transformed into MüCKE's signature shirt dresses, hanging on racks ready to be snapped up by eco savvy fashionistas! And lucky me was the recipient of one of my partners old western shirts given a crafty new twist.
I love this three-sleeve top made from recycled cotton/elastane tops. The pants are made from recycled men's woolen trousers.
Ladies vest made from a recycled pair of men's pants.

The T-lace is made from recycled T-shirt scraps.T-lace's are individually hand cut and knotted and arranged. They come with a small illustrated list of ways to wear them. But you can always come up with your own unique way to wear it- twist it, knot it, wrap it, drape it- they're STRETCHY! Look for these on EtsyOther MüCKE stockists include Milly Sleeping, Pussycat Black, Craft Victoria and InspirASIA.


  1. I love this! Just to check them out :)

  2. I think I need a T-lace. Love them.