Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chain, Chain, Chain....

Once again the Sister Outlaws have come up with another Crafty Triumph.....
Described as "A playful scarf for kids and teenagers which should appeal to the fun in all of us", the scarf can be looped in various ways and can even be used to place hands in for extra warmth. The kit has all the materials to create your own colourful scarf, or if you prefer a tonal accessory, it can be ordered in colour matched hues. The kit is full of lovely hand dyed and felted strips of recycled knitwear (21 pieces to be exact), instructions, a needle and wool yarn for a distinctive decorative running or blanket stitch finish to each chain link.
The felted wool comes in random textures and thicknesses, you just stitch up the loops and Voila!
A cosy, snuggly scarf that will be a godsend on these chilly Autumn mornings.
Julianne, one of the Sister Outlaws team invites us all to get scarf stitching and join the Chain Gang! Here is one of Julianne's gorgeous twins Pepper modelling the toddler version Paper Chain Scarf in rainbow hues. It's a mini "wee-sew-cool" scarf for the rug rats!


  1. How completely adorable!!

  2. The scarf kit comes with ready cut pieces but if you want to make it mini, just cut into quarters, lengthwise and across, and make a mini links!

  3. Yes, then you could make two or more for the price of one!!!!

  4. you have a lovely blog, i am very glad to have found you...