Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bag It.

Plastic bags are the bane of my life. I avoid them like the plague, but in their insidious way they appear in our lives and breed. Lets look at some creative ways to use up these plastic bags that otherwise would end up in land fill.
Ruby Re-Usable from Washington USA is famous for her sculptured dolls using bread bags stuffed with used bubble wrap.I wish I could have made it up to GOMA for the recent "Art in the First Century" exhibition. Look at the amazing installation by Cameroon artist Pascale Marthine Tayou, using thousands of plastic bags. Helle Jorgensen from Gooseflesh has provided a useful tutorial on how to make Plastic Bag yarn....
Plastic Bag Yarn
which she has crocheted into these aquatic forms,and this many stranded sculpture entitled Rubbish Vortex.I think I really need to see a screening of this doco...."


  1. Oh my gosh the work by Helle Gorgensen is wonderful... the coral-looking piece is beautiful. It is amazing what you can do with anything if you put your mind to it!

  2. Love this. How fantastic to make something beautiful out of something practical that can end up being so destructive. LOVE it. Wonder when 'Bag it' is coming to our state? Definitely worth seeing.

  3. Wow, amazing how creative one can get with a plastic bag. We often just drop ours off at local recycling drops. I may have to try some creative ideas with them instead.

  4. Thanks for the mention Betty Jo and Happy New Year