Monday, April 11, 2011

Feet of (Coloured) Clay

Ah Fimo, We had a lot going on way back in the good old days. You helped me with my final year jewellery folio, and made me money when I was just starting out in the world .
I worked with you to make pretty things for a nice lady jeweller in a studio in down town Paddington in the 90's.
And now you are here on my blog. Being sculptured into new and stylish wearable treasures. I still love your bright colours and versatility . And the way you can be re-invented to fit with the times!
Leonie Simpson is a Sydney based jeweller who has fashioned polymer clay into smooth discs, wedges and knuckle shaped beads strung on leather They have a definite 80's aesthetic. Bold and distinctive with colour layered on colour!

No Milk Today by Athens based Eva.Awesome layered and textured geometric shapes.
So intricate, and reasonably priced.
&<span class=Melbourne jeweller Emily Green also utilizes the bright colour palette of polymer clay to fashion beads in lolly shop brights. Simple and pretty and almost edible!.Emily strings her beads on a fine silver chain and can be worn by stylish girls of all ages.


  1. Gorgeous! I never thought I would have any love for polymer clay until I had a stall alongside Emily Green. :)