Saturday, July 24, 2010

Off Road

Most of us are familiar with the iconic Road Sign assemblages by Rosalie Gascoigne . Created from salvaged old and discarded reflective metal street signage, transformed into eyecatching collages and now worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Just think, there's a wealth of designer opportunities laying around in the Vicroads traffic sign graveyard!
At Design Made Trade last week I came across Trent Jansen who was showing and selling his famous Sign Stools (above, via Design Files) and a brand new series of reflective bicycle components designed to make use of the off-cuts created in the production of the stools.
Available in a multitude of colours, these reflective components are called Cycle Signs.(images via here ) He uses a water jet cutting method to fashion circles from old reflective road signs salvaged from scrap metal yards. Great for fancying up your bike while being safe and visible on the road !
Across the world, giant truckloads of red, yellow, and green lenses from old Traffic Lights are tossed into land-fills as cities upgrade to more efficient lighting technology. Designers have reclaimed these glass lenses to produce a stylish range of home decor.
Lamps from recycled Traffic lights from Greenlight Concepts (above), and eco-friendly Bird Feeders from Red, Yellow and Blue Ink (below)

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  1. Ah... you've already 'found' Trent Janson -- he's got some great stuff. Love his stools. He very kindly gave me a couple of his reflector 'blanks' which I've used on my owl named aptly 'Signs' #115 which is now on its way back to Belgium with some relatives who couldn't say no to him! Very generous, clever fellow. ;o)