Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have featured a selection of goodies from Lisa Kearns label Kearnsie on my blogs before, but after seeing her at Craft Victoria's stand at Design Made Trade yesterday, I thought a whole blog post was in order. Lisa's jewellery has been described as eclectic, witty and well crafted. Wearable conversation starters, that evoke a giggle and a memory.
Castlemaine based Lisa is probably most famous for her "Hello" badges.
According to Lisa,"I have worked in many customer service positions and always wished I could tell the irritable customer what I was really thinking! The badges have been edited from that initial process, however “Hello, I’m doing my best” was always in the mix. It actually makes me feel a little sad how popular this product is, I’m sure everyone is doing their best."
These repurposed Eyewear Scarf toggles are of course made from old remodelled sunnies.

They look pretty spiffy holding a scarf or neckerchief in place.Lisa has just started using the left over fancy arms of the sunnies to make earrings.I think I saw the very first few pairs at her stall. Old souveneir teaspoons get a makeover as cufflinks.Anodised Knitting needle bangles.

Sweet and juicy apple earrings and matching necklaces. Made from sterling silver and a painted wooden bead. Available in four colours depending on your favourite apple. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious or the Black "Bad Apple". After umming and ahhing for a short while over apple varieties, I am now the proud owner of the Granny Smith earrings.
To buy some Kearnsie jewellery for yourself, check out these Aussie stockists or go online and find them at Moose and Craft Victoria.

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