Friday, July 2, 2010

Morgan Wills

Morgan Wills is a Melbourne based designer who is passionate about colour, has a love of recycling and fashions her gorgeous products from pre-loved fabrics, linens and woollen jumpers.Morgan and Betty Jo share shelf space at a lot of lovely stockists around the traps and as you can see, like me, Morgan fancies a bit of Babushka Craft action!
Morgan loves the thrill of a good op shop score and says "My idea of heaven is to have a WHOLE day fossicking around in lots of different op shops". Hallelujah to that!
This goes someway to explain the dwindling number of teatowels and knits in suburban op-shops. It seems that all us crafty chicks of Melbourne are for ever hovering and when some fab tablecloths or big jars of buttons are spied we swoop down and gather them up by the basket load.
Back in her studio Morgan creates warm and cosy rainbowed hued "Cast Offs" scarves, and hats, cute accessories, and my favorites, these colourful one of a kind babushkas made from bright vintage fabrics and jumpers. They are called Mumma Bushkas as they each have a wee little bubba Babushka in their pockets. These Ear Hats are perfect for chilly winter outings (good for heads of all shapes and sizes) and the Bushka Babies rattles have a folley bell inside which makes a soft rattle. They would be the perfect gift for a newborn or little girl.

If you are interested in seeing these goodies in the flesh, you can regularly find Morgan at many a Craft market, or check out a stockist near you.
Morgans blog is called "Things that Make my Heart Sing", and it's full of girly, crafty, vintagey goodness.


  1. Oh,I love Morgan Willis! We sold her dolls at My Poppet. Ada got a lovely Mama Bushka for her 2nd birthday last year and it's definitely a favorite.

  2. Very appealing babuschka faces. Love the bambini-uschkas tucked in there. Great work all round - claps!

  3. I met Morgan at the daylesford craft Experience. She is so super friendly and gorgeous. Her stuff is magnifique !

  4. Thanks for the lovely write up Betty Jo! Hopefully our paths will cross one of these days! Morganx