Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Getting HOT In Here!

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Craft and Philanthropy collide in this fantastic exhibition at Open Draw Art Textiles and Learning Centre.
The Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition opened last night and there was two rooms FULL of amazing hand made Hot Water Bottle Covers for sale , with all money raised going to The Margaret Pratt Foundation.
There are lots of red dots and donations already which is excellent. I know there will be some very grateful cold toes in the coming weeks!
Here are some Hotties from the show. It's running till July 24th and well worth a visit if you live in Melbourne.

My purchase for the night was the fantastic Test Pattern Hottie Cover by Lynne Coleman of Sister Outlaws.


  1. Oh wow they're all so gorgeous!

  2. I loved last night! Every single one was amazing! x

  3. they are so fabulous! i particularly love that hysterical tv one.