Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's about Time!

As I seem to be totally engrossed in assembling clocks, I have collected a few of my favorite time pieces assembled from recycled materials from flickr. From the simple vintage plate to the tin robot assemblage, adding a clock movement takes the item from decorative to functional.

1.Spork the Clock 2.Atomic Eggbeater Clock
3. Willow Clock 4. Scottie Clock
I love Kim from the Sassy Crafter's fantastic repurposing of egg beaters to make her version of the Atomic Clock.

Vintage trays also get a makeover in the Sassy Crafter's etsy shop.
Kim says "The trays in my projects are hand collected by yours truly from estate sales, flea markets, and other dusty treasure troves. I take them home, clean them up, and turn them into clocks. You can feel good knowing that this is an upcycled product!"...........
Upcycling=saving stuff from landfill = warm fuzzy feelings!
And for all you Recyclers, Re-users and Re-purposers out there, you might be interested in checking out this website called ReTrash
They are compiling a database from all around the world of ways in which different people are reusing waste and reducing landfill. This database will be converted into a comprehensive book “retrash” which will categorically list all of the different materials that have been given a second life and turned into something of value. Submissions are now open.


  1. Hey Liz. Love these items: particularly the egg beater clock. Have you seen any of Donna Marcus' work? Completely awe inspiring. Gotta get past this Owl phase!!
    Thanks so much for letting me know about Re-trash. They've accepted my application for a place in their book!! Also: don't forget that lino is waiting for you to make it into something special. ;o)

  2. Love this post. I've been clocked on the head with the clock loving gene.

  3. Hey I just joined your blog, and I must say, I love these vintage clocks!! I would love to get one some day. They are awesome I love it. Your blog so inspires me. thanks