Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tamsin Howells

Over three years ago I discovered the work of British jeweller Tamsin Howells, while browsing in the uber cool "Husk" in Collins St. Her beautiful shiny birdie brooches caught my eye. Inspired by 1930-1940s foil pictures, these brooches depict various breeds of birds, each brightly coloured using patterned and textured foils from chocolate and lolly wrappers.

According to Tamsin "The process I use is a lamination technique that uses resin to sandwich together two sheets of plastic with the foil trapped in the centre.She describes her work as "individual, contemporary, stylish and unique. My jewellery is fun and easy to wear and very striking when worn"
On Tamsins web site she offers a cool feather preservation service"If you have a pet bird why not get a commission made which could include some of its fallen feathers?"

As well as the foil birdies, Tamsin makes matching earrings and gorgeous butterfly brooches.
If foil isn't your thing there are also fantasic pieces made from vintage fabric and old school ties.


  1. These are amazing!! Her process sounds really interesting, I'm off to her website for a peek.

  2. stunning - what an inspiration!

  3. Wow. I remember keeping a huge hoard of foil wrappers when I was a child sure they were perfect for making something but never deciding what. These are great!