Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Stitch in Time

While meandering around cyberspace I found two jewellers who have combined the traditional art of cross stitch with the crispness and shine of silver to create stunning jerwellery.
Netherlands based Corina Rietveld's pieces are both beautiful and unconventional takes on the age old art of needlepoint, combined with contemporary silversmithing.

From Corina Rietveld's website," The traditional technique of embroidery is a source of inspiration for the jewels of this collection. Traditional handwork and modern material meet in these designs. By using the particular combination of silver with embroidery silk, I want to give a different look at the traditional embroidery which you already know."
German born, Australian based Caro Baertling's jewellery is also a combination of stitching and silver. "Needlework for instance is as good as gold to her, because it costs a lot of time and patience. When combined with silver, wearable treasures are created."

On Caro Baertling's website you can decide on the design of your piece by selecting from the embroidery patterns below.
Read an online interview with her here. If you live in Sydney you can see her work at Koskela in Surry Hills.
I wonder if both these jewellers have crossed paths in their creative lives. Their ideas are too similar not to have been influenced by each other somewhere along the track!


  1. wow, i love these!!!

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2010

    these are simply stunning!! soooo gorgeous the silver and the thread work wo brilliantly together don't they

  3. Oooooh wow!!!! pretties!!!!

  4. These are so clever. Nice find Ms Betty Jo!

  5. These are just beautiful. Another thing to add to the wishlist. Sigh!

  6. OMG these are so beautiful...

  7. WOW These are devine :-) Thanks for sharing!