Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pin Pals

While shopping in my favorite precinct of King St. Newtown while on holiday in Sydney, I finally got to visit Made590 and was very taken with these Pin Pal earrings. They kind of summed up me and my moods when on a holiday with two kids and no Mr BJ!
I now want the matching hair clip.
I have been a fan of Pin Pals on Etsy and Flickr for ages, and love their cute blog.
Haunted House Knick Knack Display

The Pin Pals are Samantha Purdy and Sara Guindon. They are two self-taught crafters working and living in Montreal, Canada.
Samantha and Sara met in 2006 and decided to combine efforts to establish a small business called Pin Pals. Sam works with vintage textiles and cross stitches her own designs on to handmade brooches and earrings.Sara is an illustrator and designs paper toys and T-shirts.

All I can say is...what an ACE combination of talents!

The Boating Enthusiast
The talented Sara collaborated with fashion designer Supayana on these gorgeous dresses.The illustrations were done specifically for these designs with the drawings digitally printed on cotton. Sweet!


  1. Oooh. These are new to me! It's fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Those buttons jewels are amazing, really clever. They must have real patience too! How fab is their stationary - brilliant!

  3. Thanks for the post Betty Jo! We're both HUGE fans of your work! I just adore your lino creations (^_^)

    All the best,
    Sara (one half of Pin Pals)

  4. Yay big fab. I love their illustrated packaging and the amount of detail in some of their cross-stick. So wonderful!

  5. Great post, Liz. The tiny cross stitches are impressive -- love the happy/sad faced earrings and hairclip and can relate to your feelings of being up there alone. All at once: 'FREEDOM' as well as 'it would be nice to share this with someone'. Thanks for introducing me to the Pin Pals as well as Made590.

  6. thanks for sharing those finds, totally brillaint hey? especially the paper puppets. remember the ones you used to get in the girls annuals in the 70's/80's. i loved them. twinkle i think it was called?