Friday, November 12, 2010

Beach Combing

I'm a bit in love with these cute beach plastic collages by Athens designer Psarokokalo (meaning fishbone in greek). It's great to find a beach combing kindred spirit across the sea.
They can be found on flickr in the set "heady and me" and made up as cards in the yourdoll esty shop,BUT WAIT....Psarokokalo also creates fantasic jewellery made from beach plastic "gathered from a deserted beach in Rhodes island the summer of 2008, the edges are beautifully smoothed by the sea." These can be found in la.trap. A sweet crafty gallery/shop in Athens.
Loving the "cool" fridge display .


  1. tis is beautiful in many ways. And I know what I am talking about since I make something similar. (
    It would be nice if you could drop by and read my post about the Art 101 Project Washed Ashore: all stuff made from plastic litter. (
    And behind all this is not just beautiful things and jewelry the most important part is to clean the beaches and to save our world.
    Best, Antje

  2. thank you so much for the wonderful post! i started gathering plastic pieces in 2006 and doing it every year ever since everywhere i go but this certain beach in rhodes is the real treasure in plastic and wood findings and also very beautiful to swim and spent you day, i also believe it is a good way to clean the beach and also recycle plastic but this was not why i started doing it , i was charmed by the little colored pieces spread in the sand and the way the sea has formed and smoothed their edges and also changed their color, i started making jewellery from sea plastic in 2006 and the playful magic images from 2009 as we speak i am in the process of making a stop motion video with those images ! it is fun! to imagine and make with random shapes and colors. thanks again maria

  3. This is great. I love the necklaces. x

  4. Fantastic! These are great: I love the little pictures and, of course, the reuse of waste. Thanks, Liz, for highlighting this superb work and thanks Psarokokalo for making beautiful things and along the way cleaning up the leftovers of our thoughtless societies.
    While I make things from 'found objects' only very few of them are found on the ground: the majority are from op shops, garage sales and trash and treasure markets. ;o)

  5. Dear Betty Jo,
    I just followed the link you sent my. Great! Thank you and have a beautiful weekend, Antje

  6. Dear Betty ,
    I just wrote and posted about the link you sent me:
    Thank you again.