Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Vintage board games are like time capsules from our childhood. I have fond memories of the games I played as a girl. Here are some I've bought as a BIG girl, not so much to play , but for the graphics and the recycling potential.

Look at these recycled board game crafts.....better to give things a new life than to leave them sitting on a dark and dusty op shop shelf.

Spiral bound note books from Another Work in Progress.
Get yourself a book binder and almost anything can be turned into a note book......but wait till the kids have finished playing the game before you start recycling.
Operation Game bag from Emotional Baggage.
I regularly play Operation with my son Charlie. As a kid I always avoided playing this game as I honestly thought it gave you a real electric shock!

Twister Rain Coat from Craftster.
As a kid I loved the thrill of being tangled up with the opposite sex in innocent games of you're older you can still do it in a crowded bus wearing this fancy coat!
Gorgeous idea from the Sassy Crafter.
Both the table and the Chinese Checkers board were separate Flea Market finds. And as Kim Taylor aka The Sassy Crafter notes " it was totally amazing that the existing table top fit perfectly inside the frame of the board game. It's like it was meant to be!"
Don't you love it when creative upcycling has that special synchronicity.


  1. Your blog is beautiful!

  2. I love the Twister rain coat you found! And thanks again for featuring me on your blog. It's amazing how the internet can bring together two gals like you and me who live oceans apart!