Sunday, August 29, 2010

Focus on Art

I wandered past Robyn Stewardson's owlie assemblages at the last Abbotsford Makers Market, and had to immediately backtrack to have a better look. Robyn constructs her Kitchen Owls from all manner of discarded metal kitchen bric-a-brac. If you ever invite Robyn over for tea, I'd keep a close watch on your strainers and saucepan lids!
Every owl has it's own name and personality as well as the scratches, scrapes, dents and other marks that serve as signs of the earlier use of the recycled parts.
According to Robyn "as well as being ultra cute, these owls could serve to scare away any unwelcome avian thieves in your fruit trees until you're ready to pick them."
And it's not hard to tell Robyn's other love- photography. She has recorded every owl she has made in a fantastic photo gallery, and is soon to release a range of 2011 calendars with her snappy images.
Robyn says "I have many loves, but the most all-consuming at the moment are these quirky little assemblage sculpture owls. They manage to fulfill a number of needs that I have: a creative urge and something to do for ME (I'm a stay at home mum of two gorgeous girls) as well as providing a new lease on life for numerous metal objects that have outlived their original purpose. I LOVE saving things from landfill!"
Due to their popularity Robyn's parliament of assemblage sculpture owls is fast taking over her time.
Find them for sale on Etsy and Madeit, or at The Very Curious Kitten , In.cube8r and the Rose St. Markets.
For updates and information visit the Focus on Art Facebook page and Robyn's blog.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Map 29

Ann Marie Holt is the creative woman behind Map 29. The business was born when she was looking for a quirky, one off gift to give a friend in memory of their childhood friendship and where they lived. Her friend loved it and told her friends who told theirs…….....Ann Marie's customers can nominate a Street or Map Number and she will turn it into a custom made fabulous fashion accessory using Ausway and UBD Maps. That's right, you can get your own street from the Melways or other cities, on your very own purse.

Ann Marie has signed a licensing agreement with Ausway and UBD publishing who produce the Australian Street Directories and is free to use their maps as she chooses. This avoids any copyright issues and allows her access to all their maps.

Getting nostalgic for that romantic trip you made to Paris or that exciting cultural experience you had in New York? These purses will help you remember every moment!

And for the fellas, there is "Garth the GPS case who is a very well padded gentleman. He is very protective of his precious GPS cargo and likes to keep it safe."

As well as the awesome map fabrics, Map 29 sells gorgeous decorative fabric purses.
You won't find this "Foxy Loxy" fabric (or purse for that matter) anywhere else because the fabric was designed by Ann Marie.
All these goodies are available from the Map 29 shop or check out all the stockists here.
Keep up with the Map 29 goings on at Facebook and now in blogland!
A little bird told me Ann Marie is busily expanding and designing a new generic map range which will be available in her shop as of the 1st September. So stay tuned.